Flood Insurance Options for Long Island LI

Posted on: October 27th, 2014

The rules and costs related to flood insurance keep changing. Costs for flood insurance Long Island are on the rise as the embattled and cash-strapped National Flood Insurance Program tries to keep head above water.

For advice and options on Flood Insurance LI, you should consult with Denis Miller Insurance Agency. They are flood insurance specialists serving the communities of Merrick, Baldwin, Bellmore, Suffolk County, and Freeport.

When you consider that floods are the number one natural disaster in terms of damage to property then you realize why flood insurance is so important. It is not only property located within demarcated flood zones that are at risk. They might have a higher risk but the truth is that no one is immune to flooding and just about everyone is at risk of suffering flood damage. Flood damage can occur as a result of storms, water surges, burst pipes, heavy downpours and even from mudflows.

In most cases, flood damage is severe and will require disaster recovery to restore your property to pre-disaster condition. It goes without saying that the costs involved will be enormous. If you don’t have adequate flood insurance you can lose life’s investments and savings.

Normal or standard homeowners’ policies don’t cover flood damage. You need separate insurance to cover flood damage and losses. Anyone who lives in a community that takes part in the National Flood Insurance Program can get coverage. This federally sponsored program covers homes, condos, apartments, business premises as well as possessions.

When buying Flood Insurance LI you need to know how much flood insurance you need and what types of property and possessions you want to cover. Flood insurance can be tricky and you will well to seek professional advice from an independent agency such as Denis Miller.

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